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Passive House is the most stringent energy efficiency standard, designed to reduce a building's environmental impact.  


It is a rigorous set of standards for the design and construction of a building to achieve extreme energy efficiency and comfort for its occupants.

Passive houses use 75% – 90% less energy on heating and cooling loads than a typical house.

We believe in responsible building.  We build houses that homeowners enjoy coming home to at the end of the day and make those homes have as small of an environmental impact as possible.  We see no other way to build.





Large roof overhangs block the high summer sun from entering and warming conditioned space.

Large amounts of South facing glass allow the low winter sun to passively heat the buildings space 

Winter Diagram No Background.png


Technological features that help obtain this efficiency include:

Super insulation:

Thick walls and lots of insulation. 

Advanced window technologies:

Triple pane windows taped to interior and exterior.

Proper air sealing below 0.6 ACH50:

Air and water tight house wrap and sealed penetrations. 


Balanced and filtered ventilation systems:

Because these homes are so air tight, they require the use of HRV and ERV systems to supply fresh air to its occupants. These systems can recover heat and humidity levels from the exhausted stale air and transfer it to incoming fresh air. 


Simple, efficient heating systems:

Minisplit heat pumps are efficient and easy to install and maintain.  


Low energy lighting and appliances:

Energy Star appliances both protect the planet and save consumers money through efficiency. 

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