Passive House

Passive House is one of the most stringent energy efficiency standards, designed to reduce a buildings environmental impact.  It is a rigorous set of standards for the  design and construction of a building to achieve extreme energy efficiency, affordability and comfort for its occupants.

Passive houses use 75% – 90% less energy on heating and cooling loads than a typical code built house.

Features that help obtain this efficiency include:

super insulation

advanced window technology

proper air sealing below 0.6 ACH50\

balanced and filtered ventilation

simple efficient heating systems

low energy lighting and appliances

All of these traits combined result in a home that is draft free,  quiet, healthy,  low maintenance, extremely low or nonexistent energy bills, no cold rooms, walls, or windows, and very comfortable.


Shelterwood Construction is a Certified Passive House Builder.

We are dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place with the performance and aesthetics of our work.